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Don’t let those tiny mistakes overshadow your success! Hire Bookwriting.ae – the top-notch Book Editing service in UAE, passionate enough to perfect every write up to precise accuracy. Challenge our professional book editors with any genre, and we’d flight-back with a perfect piece of write up.

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UAE’s Remarkable Book Editing Service: Enhance Your Book’s Value To The Fullest

You might be the prescriptivists of your linguistics circle, but human beings are bound to commit language errors. And that’s the reason why BookWritingAE has surfaced as a professional Book Editing company in Dubai to offer quality and cheap services to authors and make them experience sensational success.

We go a lot beyond just plucking out grammar errors. The seasoned tribe of expert book editors reads the complete content in detail and finds out opportunities for improvements. This would include development editing, conceptual editing, overall evaluation, line amendments, proofreading, and final changes.



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UAE’s Top-Picked Book Editing Agency - 8 Reasons

BookWritingAE falls among the top-hired Book Editing & proofreading services in UAE! The cause behind being an immensely successful proofreading services online is our focus on customer’s experience, and their satisfaction. That’s what we are just about to dissect about ourselves – 8 great reasons why authors can’t resist hiring us:

  • Only qualified book editors are hired
  • Deadlines are never missed by us
  • 24/7 constant support is available
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Complete transparency during process
  • Affordable prices with discounts
  • Complete proofreading support
  • No hidden or secret charges

Honest Words of Clients About Our Dubai’s Book Editing & Proofreading

Indeed, we boast about our Book Editing & proofreading service in Dubai – but not just us – even our clients can confidently manifest for us. See their honest words about our firm:

Bancroft Beldon

Editing is something that an author can’t do himself! And I decided to hire this book proofreading and editing service to focus on my next book. As usual, BookWritingAE delivered me a masterpiece, on time.

Bancroft Beldon
Carlyle Lomar

What refined content!! I could sense the crispness while re-reading my book. Thanks a lot for removing all the waffles from the content. I indeed have discovered the best book editor in UAE.

Carlyle Lomar
Marsden Nyle

It was my first experience with this Book Editing company in UAE and I am 100% happy with their services. The amendments in my content brought a visible difference to my write-up. Loved it!

Marsden Nyle

Our Edited Books That Blew A Triumph

Following are the write-ups that were rejected, but latter got approved after going through experienced eyes of our top-of-the-line book editors.

Adley And The Dragon Clear
In Her Dreams
Invisible Battles To be A Queen
The Golden Hour

6 Perks That No Other Book Editing Company In UAE Proposes

We just don’t lead the market in terms of book proofreading and editing, rather our customer service has also raised the bar. Check out 6 perks that are offered by no company, other than BookWritingAE:

Book Editing Expert Language Editors

The book editors working with us aren’t just the regular mistake catchers – instead they have mastered this craft to the roots.

Book Editing Full Confidentiality

Don’t be apprehensive about your identity or data. You book content and your information is fully secured with us.

Book Editing Limitless Revisions

Feel like the mistake catcher left out on something? Claim limitless revisions until satisfied! Because you deserve it.

Book Editing Constructive Feedback

We help the authors improve, by sharing constructive feedback using Track Changes, so they can avoid repeating mistakes.

Book Editing Pocket-Friendly Service

This Book Editing & proofreading service in Dubai is known for being highly affordable as the costs are always rock bottom.

Book Editing Fastest Turnaround

Get the fastest Book Editing services, within the least timeframe. We assure on-time and fast deliveries to the clients.

Our UAE’s Book Editing Agency – A Name Of Trust

Testimonials are one of the key defining attributes to measure the authenticity of any Book Editing agency in UAE. Learn from our customer’s experiences:


I cannot thank enough this Book Editing firm in Dubai. Thou I was running very short on time, but despite that, they helped me with the Book Editing, and the publisher accepted my submission.

Scott Winston

After I hired this book editor in UAE, I realized how many litters have been there in my content. It was such a great experience working with them. Professional, fast, and affordable.

Florence Gillian

It was nice to hire this Book Editing firm in Dubai. Although I was travelling and couldn’t log in to the portal their support team stood by my side via email. And surely, the delivered work was 10/10.

Piper Wendy

Editing a book takes a lot of mental effort and after I was done with the writing, I couldn’t take the burden any more. Hence, I hired this expert book editor in UAE, and I believe that was the best decision one could make.

Esme Felicity

I wish to owe my huge success to BookWritingAE. When I went through the track changes, I realized how many language blunders I had committed while writing. Seriously, you guys saved me a big time.

Mildred Caldwell

I thought I was the best book writer until I hired this firm. Indeed, it was the best experience. They made me realise so many mistakes that I had overlooked. Seriously, then won my heart.

Sherlock Rigby

These FAQs Won’t Let Those Doubts Reside In Your Mind

1. Is it important to take help from a Book Editing firm in UAE?

Absolutely yes! It is supremely important to hire a Book Editing company in UAE. Let us tell you, why! The reality is, once an author is done with the writing, they lose motivation to re-read the whole thing themselves – and here’s when the need for an experienced book editor arouses. But that’s not all. You cannot simply hand over your piece of writing to anyone immature or inexperienced.

Therefore, you need to hire a professional yet renowned Book Editing agency that has been dealing with such write-ups for years and years. Besides that, such agencies have been helping authors to get their books published by famous publishers. Hence, they fully understand what gets a piece of write-up accepted and rejected by the publisher. Therefore, trusting a Book Editing service is the best call.

2. Which is the best and affordable Book Writing agency in UAE?

It’s BookWritingAE! We are the top-hired Book Editing company in Dubai and all over UAE. The basic reason is our professionalism and deep familiarity with this field. As an expert, our staff have been helping authors for 10+ years now, and we have never earned any unsatisfied clients. Authors who come to us are never returned displeased or unsatisfied, no matter what it takes.

On top of that, we have hired well-trained and highly experienced book editors in Dubai. They have been working in the publishing sector back then and know all the insides and outsides of the domain. Therefore, whenever they get their hands on any write-up – they use their experience and insights to drive the best out of the content and revive with an improved version of the author’s write-up.

3. Is it possible to hire your Book Editing service for one chapter only?

We believe in being approachable to clients. If that’s what cuts the slack for our customers, our Book Editing firm in Dubai would be more than happy to cater to that. You can send us a single chapter of your write-up. After a minor discussion, we will begin hashing out mistakes from the content and deliver you the best and most refined form of content, leaving you in awe with amazement.

Many of our buyers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Fujairah hired our Book Editing agency in Dubai, and later turned out to be the longest and most loyal clients. The same goes for our book writers in UAE as well. Therefore, if hiring us for a chapter gives us you a sense of relief, go for it – and we promise to impress you with our magical Book Editing services.

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