Answering All Frequently Asked Questions To Blur The Line Between Us And You

BookWritingAE is a professional Book Writing service founded by experts, backed by top-class customer support! And to make sure you can place your order smoothly, we have answered all the frequently received queries in advance to blur the line between us and you!

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1. What makes your Book Writing firm in UAE the best among all other firms?

You own a compelling idea, but you need an expert to catch that idea in its best form and turn that into a masterpiece – and that’s exactly why our Book Writing company excels. To ensure we write best-seller for our clients, we rope in highly qualified, experienced and well-trained book authors through a long recruitment drill. Along with that, our agency operates with customer-centric policies to make sure the buyer is fully satisfied and happy with the service.

2. What if you write my book, will you claim any credit or share from revenue?

A BIG NO! Every book written by us fully belongs to the client, and we own no credit or claim a share from the revenue. The content of the book, and the revenue a client generates from it, solely belongs to the customer only. We are a confidential Book Writing service that deals with clients with utmost secrecy to ensure the identity of the client is hidden. The payment gateways have been protected with all required protocols, so the details that clients provide us are hidden, and secured.

3. How do you assure the quality of your Book Writing services in UAE?

To ensure the quality of the written book is unbeatable, we have hired a certified Quality Assurance Team. These Quality Assurance experts are perfection-obsessed individuals who never let any piece of write-up cross the territory of BookWritingAE, until it's perfect, and written exactly how the client wanted it to be. Every document goes through a 21-steps check and only then lands in the hands of our prestigious buyers. And even despite that if a client requires some changes, we cater to that happily.

4. I am unsure if my story is worth getting published or not. What to do?

Every story delivers a moral or lesson by the end. Most of the time clients themselves fail to realize the value of their own concept. If you have any concept in your mind is unclear with no proper plot, you can come to us. The professional book author consultants will grab your concept, refine it, and add their own creativity to make it worth publishing. Hence, get in touch with us, share your idea with us and we’d help you in achieving the success that you have always dreamt of.

5. Can I hire you to write one chapter of my book and later write the other chapters?

Definitely! You can hire us chapter-by-chapter. Generally, clients give us a shot by hiring one chapter only. Latter they cannot resist hiring us due to our professionalism, and expertise in this field. Therefore, if you wish to hire us for a single chapter, you can do that and your request will be catered to by us. The same goes for our book proofreading and editing services as well. Let the support team know about your desired way to work and we’d mend our working methodology as per your needs.

6. I began writing my book, but now I need expert Book Writing support. Can you help me?

Although that’s not included in our packages, we don’t mind taking out an exclusive route for our prestigious clients. If you have started writing a book and want us to finish the book for you, we’ll be more than happy to do that. We have encountered several clients who started working on their books but later lost the motivation to complete them. They sought our Book Writing services and we gladly assisted them by completing their book and later helping them with publishing.

7. Will you keep my story confidential if I send it to you but don’t hire your service?

That goes without saying that all your information, concept, and storyline will be kept confidential. Although clients who come to us never return without hiring us. However, if you change your mind and don’t want to continue with BookWritingAE, we will make sure to keep all your information safe and secure. Along that, your storyline will also be kept highly confidential and will be given white glove treatment. Therefore, you can drop all your worry bombs and come to speak to us.

8. How much will it cost to hire your Book Writing service? Will the prices be affordable?

Since BookWritingAE has a great reputation among Book Writing service companies all over the globe, the audience doubts that we might be offering highly expensive services. But that’s not at all the case! We offer top-quality Book Writing services, at a very cheap price. That’s one of the reasons behind our huge popularity in the industry. We manage to breed the highest quality results at an imaginable low cost. Hence, you can rely on us to hire affordable Book Writing services in the UAE.

9. On what topics can you write my book? What are the genres you deal in?

Every genre and topic that exists in the literary sphere has been dealt with by us. We are proud to say that our Book Writing agency has been immensely successful in dealing with various genres of literature. Authors from almost all genres have been employed by us, therefore we never fail to deal with clients holding any requirements. This means, whatever concept you have in your mind, run to our professional book authors, and witness new levels of customer service offered by us.

10. What if I am unsatisfied with the Book Writing or cover design service by you?

This situation is merely impossible to occur. That’s because whether you opt for us for writing or designing, the staff working with you will keep you posted. For writing, we’ll share the draft, and likewise, for the designing, we share the draft prior to finalizing anything. However, in case the end product doesn’t satisfy the client, we don’t offer free revisions to satisfy the client. A customer can claim unlimited free revisions – the core aim is to satisfy the client with our Book Writing service.