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Of Readers

Take your best-seller to the next level with bookwriting.ae! We’re a team of experts offering high-quality book formatting services to ensure your manuscript’s layout is crisp and easy to read. Our book layout designers have formatted 600,000 books by taking care of margins, typesetting, spacing, trim size, typography and much more. Hire us, and let’s transform your story into a reader’s favorite!

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Ready For A Page Turner? We Professionally Format The Book’s Layout From Cover To Cover!

The relentless enthusiasm of our book layout designers to challenge the limitations of an ordinary design makes them true artists! They are capable of adding mind-blowing book aesthetics to every manuscript they format. The team specializes in designing book covers, refining the book’s interior and finally the back cover with strong consistency. Additionally, the specialists can design layouts and format the manuscripts irrespective of genres like thrillers, fiction, romance and more. Therefore, trust our crew of creative book layout designers and get your book listed among the greatest books designed of all time.

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Get A Custom Book Layout By Specialist In UAE At A Discounted Price

You no longer have to search for ‘book layout designers near me’. Our creative book layout design service is available for hire from any part of the UAE, like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & more.

We Address Every Book Formatting Element

Book formatting elements are the hidden gems that turn plain text into a reader's delight. We polish each part to give your audience the most seamless reading journey.

  • Accurate trim size
  • Balanced Margins
  • Consistent font choice
  • Consistent line spacing
  • Headers and footers
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Chapter headings
  • Image and table quality

Our Professional Book Formatting Service Reviewed By Authors In UAE

Discover what authors in UAE and worldwide have to say about their experiences while working with the team of book layout designers here.

Aisha Khan

Absolutely brilliant book formatting done by these online experts in UAE! The pages are now much more readable, the margins are aligned and the font has consistency. Thank you so much for being at my rescue. I will for sure recommend your service.

Aisha Khan
Omar Farooq

My publisher refused to publish my book due to formatting issues. I opted for this book layout designer in UAE to fix the manuscript’s interior and format it as per the publishing standards. They honestly did a great job and now my manuscript is published.

Omar Farooq
Yasmin Riaz

I’ve been hiring this service for custom book layouts for 2 years now. What I really like about this service is that they are fast and they would format every book according to the requirements of the publishing platform. I love to rely on them.

Yasmin Riaz

We Hold A Strong Record Of Formatting Countless Books In UAE & Worldwide

Take a look at some of the most successful projects of our book formatting! From adjusting page layouts to managing everything within the cover, we’ve honed thousands of manuscripts.

Adley And The Dragon Clear
In Her Dreams
Invisible Battles To be A Queen
The Golden Hour

Why Choose Us As Your Book Layout Designing Partner In The UAE?

We as a leading service provider of book formatting services have worked with many authors all over the globe. Not only do we focus on the quality of the service but ensure the client feels a solid positive difference while working with us.

Fastest Delivery Fastest Delivery

Everyone hates late delivery – we know! Hence every order here is delivered just within the specified time.

Experienced Layout Designers Experienced Layout Designers

The team here brings ten years of experience to the table, making sure every client gets the best value.

Free Consultation Free Consultation

Don’t know if you need book layout designing & formatting? Let our consultants provide you with feedback.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Satisfaction Guaranteed

Came across some issues in your final version of the formatted manuscript? Let us know & we’ll fix them for free.

Creative Layouts Creative Layouts

We don’t simply fix the layout to format your book – rather, as per the genre, we creatively format the book.

24/7 Support 24/7 Support

The battalion of expert customer support team is available round the clock to help you out, at any hour of the day.

True-To-Fact Reviews About Our Top-Notch Book Formatting Service In UAE

Don’t feel like trusting us? Take it from the customers who trusted us with book formatting and layout design.


I hired this book layout designer in the UAE upon a friend’s recommendation and it turned out to be the best decision for sure. They perfectly formatted and edited the layout of my book. I would surely recommend them to every author I know.

Amina Farooqi

I contracted with this company for my new launch of a book! The time was short but they accepted the order and designed by book’s layout within 2 days only. They understood exactly what I wanted and delivered a design that was beyond expectations.

Jamal Hassani

Been working with them for the past 5 years now and they have never disappointed me. Despite getting so many books formatted by them, the concepts are always fresh and the margins are on point! Thanks a lot for sticking by my side throughout the time.

Youssef Fayed

This book formatting service dealt with all the aspects very nicely. Usually, I had to guide formatters in detail but this team understood what I wanted and suggested me a few tips, which made the formatted version even better. You guys are awesome.

Nadia Mansouri

This is the fastest book formatting service I’ve ever hired in the UAE. Although I thought my requirements would take a lot more time they were really quick with the formatting and delivered everything on time. Plus, they kept updating me as well.

Tariq Saleh

I found this book layout designer really straight forward and quick! They were on the ball for the whole time, really fast with the responses and edits. I acquired a couple of changes and yet they catered to the edits quickly, without costing anything extra.

Layla Kader

Stop Pressing Questions – These FAQs About Our Formatting Service Got You Covered

Choosing to work with us is straightforward - we've anticipated your questions and provided detailed answers for your convenience. Take your time to review them and put any concerns to rest. Should you still have any doubts regarding our services, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

1. Why is book layout designing and formatting essential?

The design and formatting of a book layout are crucial elements that significantly enhance the reader's experience. Disorganized sentences and inconsistent fonts can alienate your audience. It's important to ensure that your manuscript allows for smooth readability and visual appeal. This is especially true for digital books, where overly intricate fonts can quickly disengage readers.

Moreover, when it comes to book editing and formatting, it's advisable to rely on professionals. Each genre and publishing platform adheres to its own set of formatting guidelines. Our experts are intimately familiar with these standards and meticulously tailor your manuscript to meet them. For professional book formatting services in the UAE, look no further than our team of specialists.

2. How do you format a book and design a layout?

The team here assess the genre of the manuscript and then decide on the layout! While deciding on the layout they take care of trim size, margins and font choices (for headings and body). The formatter further incorporates looks at the section breaks, headers, footers and page numbers. For additional elements, the team takes care that the images and tables are positioned correctly for enhanced readability.

After the basic layout is finalized, the team pays attention to the details of design elements. This includes adjustments in typesetting, line spacing, paragraph indentation and hyphenation so the page looks very visually balanced. Additionally, the designers can work to achieve a consistent theme throughout the book and add decorative elements to make the outlook very appealing.

3. What if I am not satisfied with the final edited version?

Uncertainties are bound to happen, but not with us. We usually get the design approved by the client before moving on to the execution. This means, that before beginning to format your manuscript, we’ll get the font and other elements approved by you. You can request changes in the decided element and we will cater to your feedback.

However, if the final edited and formatted version doesn’t meet your expectations, you can still get in touch with our customer support team and they will fix the issues without costing anything extra. 100% customer satisfaction is a guarantee with us. We’ll make sure you get complete value for your money.

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