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BookWriting.ae offers writing and novel publication services in UAE that will help you convert your plot into an amazing story and release it globally. With our personalized novel writer service, you can finally realize your dream of getting ranked among the top elite authors in the country. The core of our character-driven novel writing is to make your ideas sound more interesting. Our strategic novel publishing in Dubai promises extensive exposure.

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UAE's #1 Novel Publishing House That Has Been Producing Literary Classics Since Decades

BookWriting.ae is ready for your "write my novel in UAE" requests and knows how to handle them with precision. We will not only help you in writing them but also provide assistance with novel printing and publishing. It does not matter what your targeted genre is. We will make sure that our writers and publishers deliver drafts with an enhanced essence of storytelling. The originality of your idea will remain intact while we make it more interesting for the readers. Our publication tricks will confirm your spot among the chartbusters.

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We Help Emirati Authors Become Best-Selling Novelists in the United Arab Emirates

Book Writing UAE is the Gulf's most professional novel writers website, having 7+ years of experience. Our publishing house has published 17,000+ authors from different industries to deliver fictional and non-fictional stories to an international audience.

Novel Publishers In UAE That You Can Trust With Your Stories!

Our job is to bring the best out of everyone's story. Whether you have a fictional tale or a plot revolving around a real-life incident, we know how to captivate the readers. From story development to editing, proofreading, and novel printing services in UAE, we offer our customers a full-fledged package that will fulfil all your literary needs.

  • Award-winning novel writers
  • Dedicated publishers for every platform
  • Expert editing and proofreading
  • All genres and niches covered
  • Fixing the layout and formatting
  • Advanced printing equipment
  • Cheap and cheerful prices for all
  • No share in royalties or ownership

Reviews That Validate The Skills Of Our Expert Novelists In UAE

There are several novel writing companies in UAE, but no one can match the quality standards of our services. You can step into the shoes of our existing customers and get a clear idea about our novel character development services through these honest reviews.

Iffat Waseem

I no longer look for a fiction novel writer near me. The way these professionals tackled my story turned me into their biggest admirer. Their storytelling skills are unmatched and they do not shy away from going the extra mile for their clients.

Iffat Waseem
Nadeem Al-Sultan

I hired them for novel publishing in Dubai. They exceeded my expectations and published my book not only on Amazon but several other publication platforms. Their team delivered more than what I asked for and even helped me with editing and formatting.

Nadeem Al-Sultan
Erum Masarif

It won't be wrong if I say that this website offers the best novel writing service in Dubai, UAE. They do not overcharge their customers and bring so much creativity to the table which every author wishes for. My novel written and published by them is doing pretty well.

Erum Masarif

The Classic Portfolio Of Novels We Have Written And Published In UAE

These are some literary creations that we have worked on. They are a clear sign that we are experts of multi-genre novel crafting. You can take inspiration from our bestselling author collaborations and feel more confident while trusting our interactive and engaging novel creation.

Adley And The Dragon Clear
In Her Dreams
Invisible Battles To be A Queen
The Golden Hour

Novel Writing And Publishing Company In UAE That Makes Your Narrative Shine

From fantasy manuscript specialists to romantic storyline experts, we have a diversified team for character-driven novel writing. Thousands of authors rely on us for book writing UAE because of our unbeatable quality standards. We make narratives shine and satisfy customers at every cost.

100% Original Drafts

We are the pros of dystopian novel story development and offer customized literary project support. Our drafts are crafted from scratch and have that touch of uniqueness.

No Unnecessary Delays

Whether you hire us for children's book writing assistance or for editing crime novels, we promise instant and quick results. Meeting deadlines is our utmost priority.

Unmatched Storytelling Skills

The customers admire our dialogue perfection for novels. Our novel character development services offered by expert writers can turn you into a successful author.

Unlimited Free Edits

You will enjoy working with our expert novelists because we deliver drafts oozing with perfection. However, customers can always ask for edits as they are totally free.

All-In-One Publishing Agency

Our novel publishing and printing services can help you clear the last stage of your authorship journey. From Amazon KDP to Lulu, Kobo, and Blurb, we work on them all.

Transparent & Reliable Services

We are different from other novel writing companies in UAE because you do not have to share your royalties with us. You will also get to keep your authorship rights.

Emirati Authors Vouching For Our Novel Writing & Publication Services

Thousands of authors trust our website with their "write my novel" requests in Abu Dhabi. We try to offer them a satisfactory experience so they can turn into our loyal customers for life. These are some reviews from such satisfied clients that we have.


They have a unique approach to novel story development. The way they understand your plot and use their words to make your narration extra special is quite impressive. I am super impressed with this novel publishing house. They added creativity to my story while keeping its original essence intact.

Hamid Al-Farooqi

These are the best novel writers for hire that you can find in UAE. I am saying this based on my personal experience with these novel publishers. They took my ordinary rom-com idea and turned it into something extraordinary. I would love to recommend these romantic storyline experts to everyone.

Junayed Mansoor

I am super satisfied with their novel editing and proofreading service. They refined my draft to perfection. Being impressed with their professionalism, I decided to ask them to print my novel. They did not disappoint me at all. The printing excellence delivered by this firm proved to be a game-changer for my publication.

Hoorain Shakoor

Character-driven novel writing is something that only expert novelists are good at. These are my go-to fantasy manuscript specialists in UAE because every single draft they have written for me has gone to be a bestseller. There is something magical in their writing because every word has the power to captivate minds.

Amina Al-Harmain

I badly needed a bestselling author collaboration but my budget was not letting me hire an expert to complete my story. Thankfully, this writing agency popped up out of nowhere and entered my life like a blessing in disguise. They master the art of dystopian novel story development and charge a minimal amount for that.

Fahad Sheikh

I had an idea to play with but was stuck with it. It was pretty hard for me to decide how to start that story. While searching online for help, I landed on this website. They offered me interactive and engaging novel creation assistance. The package also included novel manuscript formatting services and made my story a big success.

Wajeeha Binte Fatima

Take A Closer Look at UAE's Top-Rated Story Writing Services

It is not that easy to come up with a creative plot for a novel that could captivate the readers. However, the bigger challenge is to convert that idea into a story that people can enjoy reading. Our novel writers for hire ensure that your audience builds an emotional connection with your narrative. On top of that, our publication services give your journey a befitting end. The orders we get are from all over UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, and more. Check out these FAQs to get to know us better.

1. What makes your novel writing services so special in UAE?

There is no doubt that we are the most prominent name in UAE's literary industry. We know the secret to keep the readers intrigued. They will be compelled to keep on turning the pages with excitement. Our fiction novel writers and experts of all genres have extensive experience in playing with words and crafting a narrative that crosses all the creativity barriers. Thousands of successful publications have been written by our expert novelists, and your story could be the next one.

Writing a story demands some serious skills, but composing a bestselling novel is an art that only a few people are good at. Our novel story development services do not just represent your idea in a literary form but ensure that it outshines every other publication that competes with your draft. Stop searching for a novel writer near me, as we are the go-to choice of every author in UAE who dreams of being the next bestseller. You can kickstart or elevate your authorship journey with us.

2. Are you really the best novel publishing house in UAE?

You cannot find any better novel publication services in UAE. This is the ideal platform for your all-important drafts as we ensure that your story makes a permanent place in readers' hearts. We offer novel writing service in Dubai, but our job does not end there. Authors who need novel editing and proofreading service can also hire us. Along with that, we can design your book covers and give your manuscript an enchanting look. We even have expert designers who can also fix the layout of your draft.

As far as formatting is concerned, every release will have a professional look that goes out of our hands. We have dedicated novel publishers with relevant expertise in all the renowned sites for self-publishing. You can get your story published on Amazon, IngramSpark, Kobo, or any other platform of your choice. If you want your publication to rule the bookstores physically, then our novel printing services can be quite helpful for you. There are no limitations, and you can get as many copies as you want.

3. Do you have novel writing and publication packages for only specific genres?

Your pursuit of interactive and engaging novel creation ends here. We are the first choice of Emirati authors who want expert novelists to complete their stories. It does not matter whether the novel is your autobiography or a tale of an imaginary world; our tailored novel writer service can cater to all your unique requirements. We are not restricted as far as genres are concerned. When you look at the portfolio of our novel story development, you will find publications from all niches.

This is your chance to hire fantasy manuscript specialists for novel character development services at a price that your pocket allows. Our team not only contains fiction novel writers and romantic storyline experts but also hawk-eyed professionals for editing crime novels and seasoned publishers. We are renowned for our novel writing services, but authors also trust us for novel publishing in Dubai. You can get comprehensive assistance to write, edit, and release your story without breaking the bank.

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