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BookWriting.ae is a renowned book publishing company in UAE that believes that your literary masterpieces deserve to get published and rule everyone’s hearts. We simplify the self-publishing process by handling all the complexities on your behalf. If you want your story to get worldwide coverage, then hire our book publishing services in UAE at extremely affordable prices.

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A Helping Hand From Book Publishing Service Providers That Every Author Needs

We’re one of the best book publishing companies in UAE that is trusted by almost every author. Whether you are a pro at writing and have several publications by your name or a novice working on their first-ever book, we can always save your author‘SHIP’ from sinking. All the blood and sweat that you put into your story won’t go in vain.

We have some vastly experienced professionals in our team who have been in this industry for over a decade. You won’t find any better book publishers in Dubai. We are an all-in-one platform for authors because they can also get book proofreading services from our experts. Our goal is to ensure that none of your write-ups end up being unpublished drafts.

Book Writing Firm
Online EBook Publishing In UAE That Ensures Your Story Hits The Market!

We set up a perfect launching platform for your book to get published and grab the attention of readers from all over the globe. You can trust us to self-publish a book because we make sure that none of your efforts go in vain.

UAE’s Most Reliable Book Publishers in UAE

We are not just another book publishers that you have come across. Our experts show true dedication like it is their own story. Therefore, we have never experienced any failure and all of our publications have been successful. You can expect perfection, precision, and publishing brilliance from our team.

  • Qualified Publishers On Board
  • No Share In Royalties
  • Pay what your pocket allows
  • Covering All Self-Publishing Platforms
  • Credible & Secure Services
  • Lightning-Quick Publications
  • No Hidden Charges Or Fees
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

Book Publishers In Dubai With Top Rating

We put our heart and soul into every project and do not hesitate from going the extra mile to satisfy our customers. A few words of appreciation mean the world to our team. We feel honored when someone appreciates our work and acknowledge the efforts we put in while publishing a book. These reviews are some examples of those appreciative words.

Suhayeb Al Zahaan

“I was working on this draft for the last three years and was emotionally attached to it. Sadly, I got stuck at the end because of having zero knowledge about self-publishing a book. I am glad that these book publishers were there to help my story reach the right audience.”

Suhayeb Al Zahaan
Rohan Al Masafir

“I got several options while looking for book publishing companies near me. Eventually, I hired these service providers because they looked more focused and passionate about my story. They proved me right by delivering premium-quality services at budget-friendly prices.”

Rohan Al Masafir
Najiah Raqeeb

“I have become a big fan of these online ebook publishers because of their level of commitment. They took my lost draft out of the darkness and got it published when I had already left all hope. I can sing their praises all day long because they deserve all this appreciation.”

Najiah Raqeeb

Legacies Created By Our Ebook Publishing Of Emirati Authors

The portfolio of our recent publications only contains those books that emerged victorious and received immense love from the readers. You can join this list of successful authors too by hiring us to publish a book in the United Arab Emirates.

Adley And The Dragon Clear
In Her Dreams
Invisible Battles To be A Queen
The Golden Hour

Book & eBook Publishing With Some Stand-Out Perks For Emirati Authors

Stop looking for book publishing companies near me as no one else will offer you the similar level of excellence that we can. We have publishing maestros who will gladly hear out all your publication needs and will try their level best to make your book a smash hit. The features that come along with our services will make your experience more enjoyable.

Book Publishing A Team Of Veteran Publishers

Printing is no joke. That’s why we hire the best talent to transform your dreams into a book. They know what it takes to make it shine.We have book publishers for hire in UAE who are vastly experienced and can handle the whole publishing process with ease.

Book Publishing We Cater To Every Genre

From publishing to book writing in UAE, we are capable of working on stories from all genres. There are no limitations on our site.

Book Publishing Unmatched Affordability

Hold our hand if you are low on your budget. Our economical rates will help you publish your book on every online platform.

Book Publishing No Share In Royalties

We never bind you with quantity - it’s up to you. Whether you want ten or a hundred, we bring your vision to life in the quantity you want.We won’t hold back your ownership rights and you will not face any demand from our side for a cut in your royalties.

Book Publishing Ultra-Quick Services

We make things look easier by adding some extra pace to the process of publishing a book. The results will be quick and instant.

Book Publishing Round-The-Clock Support

A dedicated team of self-publishing experts will always be there to offer you the support, assistance, and guidance you need.

Emirati Authors’ Feedback About Our Book Publishing Services In UAE

We have a huge list of ecstatic authors who landed on our site with a dream to get their books published and got more than they asked for. These reviews clearly justify all the claims that we make about the quality standards of our services.


“After contacting several publishers near me, I decided to put my faith in this agency. Their charges were relatively cheaper and their team was also pretty cooperative. I am pretty much satisfied because they showed true professionalism in getting my book published. Overall it was a great experience.”

Hazel Brooks

“I wanted these book agents to publish my novel that I have been working on for a very long time. This book was pretty close to my heart and my emotions were attached to it. I am thankful to these publishers for helping me out and making my book a huge success in UAE and beyond. 5-stars from my side.”

Bazil Khadeer

“I was blown away by the publishing excellence offered by this firm. They were quick to respond and started working on my project instantly. I am glad that I picked this online book publishing agency because they kept everything transparent and their quotation remained free from any hidden charges till the end.”

Jason Clarke

“I wanted someone to publish my book but the only obstacle was my limited budget. Thankfully, I discovered this highly economical team of publishers. Their cost-effective prices were truly the highlight of their services. The best part is that there was no compromise on quality from their side.”

Rahim Al Nahyan

“My search for reliable and trustworthy Amazon publishing services ended here at this amazing website. I had high hopes and they didn’t disappoint me at all. The impressive part was the quick pace at which they were operating. The whole team was fantastic and I am literally convinced that they are the best publishers in UAE.”

Henry Gilbert

“I have worked with multiple book publishing companies in Dubai but none of them were able to offer me the quality of services that these experts provided. From now on they are my go-to place to self-publish a book because of their unmatched excellence and extremely affordable prices. Highly recommended to all.”

Rameen Sheikh

Everything You Need To Know About UAE’s Top-rated Book Publishers

1. How do I get my book published? Can you help me with that?

The trend of self-publishing is getting more and more popular these days among authors of all generations. However, the million-dollar question is, are they all aware of the process to publish a book? It is a time-taking process that requires more effort than you might think. Starting to feel anxious? Don’t worry. UAE’s leading book publishing house is here to help you out. We will make sure that your authorship journey gets past the finish line.

You just need to work on your draft and make it look as professional as you can. The rest will be handled by our seasoned ebook publishers. From proofreading the manuscript to designing the cover, we have dedicated pros for every job. We can offer your book optimum visibility on all self-publishing platforms like Kindle and Barnes and Noble. However, if you want us to print and market your novel, we can do that too.

2. What is the best company to publish a book for a global audience?

The book publishing process can be difficult to understand for most authors. The easiest way out is to look for credible service providers and pick the right one that stays with you through all the steps to publishing a book. We are always ready to offer you a helping hand and remove all the hurdles that are stopping you from becoming a published author. Our book publishers in UAE have worked on thousands of best-sellers up till now.

We know all the self-publishing platforms from the inside out and can guarantee you a successful publication that will gain hype from all over the world. The thing that separates us from other book publishing firms or websites is that we think about our customers first. You will retain the rights and get complete credit for everything. Also, there will be no cut in your royalties. It is your publication, and you will be in charge of it.

3. How much does it cost to publish a book in UAE if I hire your services?

Acquire our assistance if getting a book published by your name is one of your dreams but it is on hold because you are unable to afford the expenses of self-publishing services. We can make the whole book publishing process smoother and stress-free without putting any extra burden on your budget. You can get such professional self-publishing consultancy at any cheaper price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Sharjah, or anywhere in UAE.

Preparing your book and making it ready for publishing is our responsibility. From poetry books to self-help guides, novels, or any other kind of manuscript, you can acquire our Amazon publishing services for every genre. The charges will be minimal and will never exceed your budget. One thing you can stay assured of is that the quality of our work will always be top-notch irrespective of the cheap and affordable prices.

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